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Wichita, KS payment processing business, Acumen Connections, Inc, plans to revitalize company by focusing on maximizing the opportunity of local networking groups.

Ahlf seems to think networking groups are more than worth the time and money investment required to take part in them, but stresses that investment is required to see a difference being made for your business.

(Newswire.net — January 10, 2019) — Acumen Connections, Inc. has been a large player in the payment processing space in Wichita, KS for over two decades. Recent changes in the industry, as well as a recent change of ownership have now changed reignited the fire under this business. Switching their focus to an engaged online presence and establishing relationships with other businesses is their primary focus on adding customers and increasing value in 2019.

During their twenty-two years of experience, they’ve served nearly 500 businesses and have developed a loyal customer base. Despite being proven successful, the company isn’t ready to slow down. In fact, their biggest focus for 2019 is business growth. Their plan? Local networking groups.

Wichita has its fair share of networking opportunities, like travelling events from all over the country. But Acumen’s focus is on Wichita’s own networking corporations, such as the Wichita chapter of Business Network International, the Wichita Independent Business Association, and the Wichita Chamber of Commerce. The idea is to become a member of these groups and attend networking meetings on a local scale. But what’s the benefit?

Tommy Ahlf, in charge of Acumen’s Sales and Business Development, says, “Networking groups are extremely beneficial to many businesses in order to find new clients that they have not had previous contact with or haven’t been able to gain access to. Using the power of a group who is focused on bringing business to others opens a variety of new growth opportunities.”

The point of networking groups is just that: to network. Networking, by definition, means to “interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career.” The point is to get out and meet other businesspeople to either sell your product or service or to be given leads on where and how to gain customers.

Ahlf seems to think networking groups are more than worth the time and money investment required to take part in them, but stresses that investment is required to see a difference being made for your business.

“Every business should think about the return of investment they will see when considering networking groups. I have experienced a business doubling their annual revenue from joining the right networking group and I have experienced businesses receive no return at all from networking groups. The return that is received from a networking group is based solely on how hard your business representatives work in the group to follow the proven process,” he remarks.

Ahlf also says that not just the business experiences growth. On a more personal level, he thinks he has met “some of the best people, both personally and professionally,” during his time working with Wichita’s networking groups.

When asked what he would say if he were approached by someone interested in joining a networking group, Ahlf responded, “I would ask a number of questions about their business first. What is their goal from a networking group? Do they feel they can add value to a networking group? Are you prepared to give business and put in the time that a networking group takes? Being involved in a networking group and doing it right is a big investment of time and energy. Each business should consider that when working in a networking group you get back what you put in.” In short, networking groups take a considerable amount of effort if you expect to see a benefit to your business.

So, is it worth it? According to Ahlf and Acumen Connections, absolutely.

“A networking group can help a business be very successful. The key to success when joining is to drink the “Kool-Aid”, follow the process and put in the time investment. If a business follows the proven steps for networking success, they will find that new business and growth will come their way,” Ahlf finishes.

With the help of Wichita’s networking groups and a very involved business development and salesperson, Acumen Connections expects to go through some very positive changes and improvements during the next year. They highly recommend that you come out and join them, too.

Best wishes to Wichita, KS businesses in 2019! acumenconnections.com.

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