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I received a worthless mailer from Ron Estes but can’t get information in the mail regarding early voting times and places in the upcoming election? The one sure way to obtain this information is being denied. The motive?

Pretty sure the state of Kansas should sue the state of Oklahoma to end the fracking. Our infrastructure, schools, businesses, homes can’t handle these quakes. Better use of hard-earned taxpayer money than whatever Kris Kobach and Jeff Colyer have going.

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If Wichita police officers have the time and my tax money to play basketball with children, then they have the resources to patrol and eliminate crimes in my neighborhood.

Guns don’t shoot people, people shoot people. But only if they have a gun.

Why would illegal aliens pay in-state tuition when lawful, properly vetted F-1 students are paying three times more and contributing more to the economy and receiving nothing? Are liberals for protecting those who don’t care about the law?

With all due respect to Mr. Shuart, the solution to the school shootings is not elusive. Even with security, someone with these high-powered weapons can shoot their way through guards and glass. Take high-powered weapons away and that can’t happen.

There was more value watching “Walking Dead” than watching the Academy Awards show. Sad.

Russia meddles in our elections, and our president refuses to impose sanctions on Russia. President Xi of China is posed to grab power indefinitely and our President says, “Maybe we should give it a shot.” Let that sink in for a minute.

Anyone who’s too stupid to figure out how to get a copy of their birth certificate shouldn’t be allowed to vote. We all know the real reason Democrats are blocking the proof of citizenship law. Illegal aliens don’t have U.S. birth certificates.

Throw a baseball 98 mph and you can earn $5 million. Shoot a basketball accurately from 30 feet and you can earn $5 million. Land a jet at 160 mph in low ceilings and heavy rain with 180 passengers and you can earn $200,000.

Remember when it was the tomato that made your sandwich soggy, and not the lunchmeat?

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